Say Goodbye To The Single Life…

There is a lot being said about marriages, engagements, being in a relationship sort of things… yes! All true, but on the other hand there are certain benefits too which a girl forgoes; for being in a relationship. Here relationship is not something we are referring to live in relationship, casual hookups etc. here we are specifically talking about the big day ‘marriage ceremony’ yes a final goodbye to that messy, classy, enjoyable, independent and free single life for the whole life. It’s a custom that, old friends, colleagues and mates gather in order to prepare a final goodbye party for the future bride of somebody. Ok so that particular night when all the friend of hers are there and kissing her ‘being single status’ goodbye; is known as ‘hen’s night’. Plenty of ideas can be implemented for a hen’s night out, number of different activities can be arranged followed by, so many other activities and celebrations so there are certainly some bright ideas which are worth sharing with our female readers today:

Bridal shower: ok so technically it’s not a bridal shower but, still one can combine both the unique hens night ideas Melbourne and make it more fun. Hen’s night is like a bachelor’s night out, where that particular girl (future bride) is free to do whatever she wants, she can be however she wants and could be the way she used to be in her old teenage days. In short be an immature, careless diva for that one night.

Grooming: friends can definitely arrange manicure and pedicure sessions on that night, it will reduce the stress of future bride, waxing, relaxing massage followed by lunch and dinner could be the best idea ever for a hen’s night. Means that girl who is about to get married, will get all the cleaning and grooming by her own close friends. Have fun, enjoy the music and be yourself.

Luncheon: a decent lunch party along with secret cocktails and drink arrangements can be organized for the future bride, on her hen’s night. But this idea is quite common and can be submerged with all the ideas to nothing to mention much here.

Camping: yes this is exciting, take her out and arrange something thrilling for her. Camping could be a best idea for a hen’s night. All the girls can go out situate a camp under the sky and enjoy like old times, with booze, food, dance and a lot more. Visit for after work drinks friday.

Weekend: there is no hard and fast rule of arranging a hen’s night for one day only. One can stretch a little and combine Saturday and Sunday both, to enjoy the most of it. One day could be dedicated for the activities and the other could be spent in grooming, massaging, enjoying, dancing and other leisure activities.

In short there could be enormous ideas for hen’s night, one can make it as dirty and sultry as possible and the other way round too. But certainly a hen’s night must be arrange at least a week before the big day and not a night or two, three nights before.